The following events are programmed for September, October and November 2015

* Sewing Surgery: Anna Winston

* Dressmaking – An Introduction:  Anna Winston

* Absolute Beginner Sewing class:  Maika Crampton

* Bring your own Project:  Anna Winston

* Pattern Cutting I: Hannah Exley-Myers

* Lampshade Course: Charlotte Elfdahl


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Sewing Surgery

1 hour sewing slots in the workshop.

Have you got to a tricky point in your project and you just can’t seem to progress? Have you an unfinished garment and you haven’t the time to finish it?  Is it that you have worked so hard to complete a garment and you’ve put it on and it just doesn’t fit quite right….

Well here at the workshop you can book a surgery hour. For £8.00 …. we can help sort out your project with a few ideas (without having to book a whole course…). Or just come in and use the studio facilities, our large cutting table or example..
Fitting, Buttonholes, Zippers, Understanding a tricky pattern … and just general advice to help you on your way… Take advantage of our machines and the one-step embroidery button hole. Or have a zipper tutorial.

To book and hour call Anna on 07545757592 and we can arrange an hour to suit you.


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Dressmaking – An Introduction

This course focuses on the dress pattern. Choose from and array of patterns at the studio, vintage, new or if you like bring your own. This course will take you through the basics of garment construction and covers everything from fabric choice to fitting techniques.. adapting a pattern to size and as everybody’s tastes are different, how to adapt and change a pattern to suit your style.  You will leave with a perfectly fitting dress and a pattern that you will be able to create again and again. The pattern saleCourse Dates: Please refer to the Weekend Events page for the most current dates .. we are currently booking for: 12th March 2016

This is a one day workshop usually held on a Saturday.


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 …Bring Your Own Project Class  – Our regular series of weekly  dressmaking classes for all abilities.

Bring your own project, something you’ve always longed to make or choose from the hundreds of vintage dress patterns or craft projects at the studio. The class is small, relaxed and leisurely so you can learn at your own pace … this class is for intermediate sewers. Dress patterns can seem daunting, so if you’ve chosen yourself a challenging project and you’d feel more confidant with someone on hand to guide you through, or you would just like to sew with like minded seamstresses, or you need someone on hand to help with fitting and adjustments, just come in and take advantage of the machines (sewing and over locking) and facilities (large cutting table etc) that the studio has to offer …

Course times:  Every Tuesday evening  7pm – 9pm and…

                             Every Thursday Daytime,  10am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm.

 Please call to check availability of spaces .                                   

Cost:  4 weeks @ £65.00                 

Course Tutor: Anna Winston

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Absolute Beginner Sewing Class

Learn how to sew with the easy Absolute Beginners Sewing Classes, each course running for 4 two-hour sessions in which I will show you how to complete fun easy sewing projects to get you into the swing of things. The course includes an introduction to your sewing machine, find out just how much that machine can do. You will complete a cushion project or a bag and for the final week complete a project of your own choice… choose from an array of projects we have at the studio or bring your own idea. The sewing machine will become your friend and this course will open up a whole world of sewing delights … always wanted to make your own clothes? Nothing will stop you now!

Course Tutor: Maika Crampton

Course Dates: Please refer to the Weekend Events page for the most current upcoming dates. We are currently booking for January 30th and February 27th 2016.

Cost: £100:00 (the price includes patterns, fabric and a feather insert for the cushion and bag project)

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 Pattern Cutting I

If you have ever wondered how dress patterns are created, or have made up a commercial pattern but been frustrated at not being able to fit it perfectly or creatively change it, then this course is for you!

Over five consecutive weeks you will learn how to measure the body correctly and apply these measurements to block patterns (provided) to customise fit. We will delve into the technical details of patterns and the relative terminology. We will work through a series of manipulations to these block patterns and look at creatively altering them to your own design. From your finished pattern you will be able to make up a calico toile (prototype) and learn how to perfect the fit.

Best of all, you will leave with the knowledge and understanding of how to create endless styles from one, or two, basic block patterns!

*Knowledge of sewing is essential and you must already have fully made up at least one garment from a commercial pattern.

*Equipment: Pencil(click type), Eraser, Tape Measure (in centimetres), Paper Scissors, Fabric scissors, Notebook and Pen, Glue stick, Magic Scotch Tape, Pins, 1 metre of medium weight calico (woven, non stretch cotton).

Course Dates: 5 week course,  Dates to be advised   Cost:  Also to be advised

Course Tutor: Hannah Exley-Myers


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2 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Hi Anna

    We’ve just made a lamp shade and saw your flyer featuring lampshade making.
    However I can’t see any further details on you blog.

    Are you running a course/workshop?
    What will it cover?

    Hope you Tom and the kids are well


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