We are going to the cinema!

What is not to love here for us sewing enthusiasts. Our local luxurious cinema  Kino Teatr is hosting this film.. I have hijacked it, and turned it into a ‘meet up with fellow sewers’ fest. Its been my plan to see it for weeks now and I’m a sucker for anything that, 1. Reminds me of home (Australia) and 2. Involves a romantic spin on sewing (because well sewing day in and day out to steep deadlines can seem like just plain drudgery at times. 3. Liam Hemsworth’s naked torso is a bonus but I’m far more interested in the dresses actually)..  If you would like to come then look here on the facebook events page and it will direct you to the Kino Teatr website and you can buy tickets online (£9.00) … we will troop en masse to The St Leonard pub after for a debrief. Please join us on the 26th March 7pm in (currently) wet and wild St Leonards on Sea.


One thought on “We are going to the cinema!

  1. I so want to see that film! A non dressmaking friend of mine in Australia has seen it and raved about it (and Liam Hemsworth) trying to work out how far Cambridge to St Leonard’s is! ( just found you via Instagram!)

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