There is so much going on at the studio at the moment its hard to know where to begin. I know the blog has been quiet, but here in the heart of it has been anything but, I have been sewing so much I feel like my eyes are on stalks. There is news soon about new stock we are selling and a pattern brand so exclusive it’s unavailable anywhere else in the U.K .. I know that you will go nuts about it. We are busy sampling at the moment so you are able to visit and try on the garments.  But this post is to announce new classes and courses for the summer holidays. The Sewing Surgery is a new concept to the workshop and is a 1 hour slot of time that you are able to book between the lessons and courses here.

Have you got to a tricky point in your project and you just can’t seem to progress? Have you an unfinished garment and you haven’t the time to finish it?  Is it that you have worked so hard to complete a garment and you’ve put it on and it just doesn’t fit quite right. It’s so frustrating when you have got to ‘that’ point …. it goes in the project pile and never gets seen again. The Sewing Surgery is here to help you get the motivation back to finish that project. At the workshop you can book a surgery hour for £8.00. We can help sort out your project with a few ideas (without having to book a whole course…). Or just come in and use the studio facilities, our large cutting table or example. There are 4 spaces per hour so you are likely to meet fellow sewers too.
Fitting, Buttonholes, Zippers, Understanding a tricky pattern, and just general advice to help you on your way… Take advantage of our machines and the one-step embroidery button hole. Or have a zipper tutorial.

Book with Anna on: 07545757592     or email:


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